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Daisy Irani picture, image, poster
Daisy Irani

Date of birth : -
Date of death : -
Birthplace : Mumbai, India
Nationality : Indian
Category : Arts and Entertainment
Last modified : 2011-07-12

Daisy Irani is a television actress, director and producer from Singapore.

Born in a Zoroastrian family in India. She is best known for appearing in the role of Daisy in the popular Singapore TV series Under One Roof. After her acting career, she became the executive producer for MediaCorp Studios English Entertainment Productions Division. Since 1 June 2007, she has been the head of MediaCorp TV12 Central Programming and Promotions as well as MediaCorp TV12 Creative Services Division. On 19 October 2008, Kids Central and Arts Central was merged to form okto, while Vasantham Central became a full-fledged channel as MediaCorp Vasantham, occupying the original Central channel and effectively making the channel defunct.

Daisy hails from Mumbai (Bombay), India. Now a Singapore citizen, she followed her husband, Subin Subaiah, to Singapore 12 years ago, when he was posted here for work. Initially, it was difficult for her to leave India and settle in a place that she hadn't heard of. She recalls, "Back in India, I had been acting and very involved in the Gujarati and Hindi theatre scene. When we came here, we didn't know a single person and I didn't have any projects so I had to start from scratch. It was difficult."

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