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Ayn Rand

Date of birth : 1905-02-02
Date of death : 1982-03-06
Birthplace : St. Petersburg, Russia
Nationality : Russian
Category : Science and Technology
Last modified : 2011-06-22

Ayn Rand was a Russian-American novelist, philosopher, playwright and screenwriter. She is known for her two best-selling novels and for developing a philosophical system she called Objectivism.

Born Alissa Zinovievna Rosenbaum, was educated in Russia, Ayn Rand moved to the United States in 1926, moving to Hollywood to begin a career as a screenwriter. In 1932 she sold her first screenplay, but soon turned to writing novels. Her novel The Fountainhead was published in 1943 and eventually became a bestseller. Still occasionally working as a screenwriter, Rand moved to New York City in 1951 and published Atlas Shrugged in 1957. Her novels espoused what came to be called Objectivism, a philosophy that champions capitalism and the preeminence of the individual.

Author of books:

1936 We the Living
1943 The Fountainhead
1957 Atlas Shrugged

Other fiction:
1934 Night of January 16th
1938 Anthem

1961 For the New Intellectual
1964 The Virtue of Selfishness
1966 Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal
1969 The Romantic Manifesto
1971 The New Left: The Anti-Industrial Revolution
1979 Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology
1982 Philosophy: Who Needs It

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