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Andrea Gerak picture, image, poster
Andrea Gerak

Date of birth : -
Date of death : -
Birthplace : Ozd, Hungary
Nationality : Hungarian
Category : Arts and Entertainment
Last modified : 2011-05-27

Andrea Gerak is a Hunagrian World/Reggae and New Age singer born in Ozd. She had the first stage performance at the age of 5.

The "enigmatic Hungarian female voice", Andrea Gerak experiments with traditional songs, mainly with those coming from her country, approaching them from different angles. Traditional, new age or acappella interpretations: mystery, magic, beauty, supernatural embraced in her timeless songs.

Andrea had her first stage performance at the age of 5. A bit later on, she has been the soloist as a singer and/or dancer in several folklore groups in Hungary.

Today, Andrea takes the listener to a trip to the melodies of various ethnicities such as Irish or Gypsy, and staying true to her roots, she sings Hungarian folk songs as her main profile, performing them acapella or as World Fusion, lending her unmistakable voice to compositions of international artists.

Lived for more than a decade altogether in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, England and Sweden, moved back to Hungary in the end of 2010. Performed in most of the countries of Europe at festivals, clubs, exhibition openings, churches, private, corporate and community events, benefits.

Mother Tongue (2011), by Effi Shoshani
This Way, Sweetheart! (2009)
Authentic Hungarian Village Music (2006), with Barozda
Árva az a madár - Lonely Is The Bird (2006)
Madárka, madárka - Little Birdie (2003)
Three Hungarian Folk Songs, maxi CD (2002)
Madarka, madarka, MC (1998)

Beside being a singer as her main profile nowadays, Andrea still gladly puts on the dancing shoes any time, and the multi talented artist is trying her creativity in photography and poetry as well.

Hungary In Pictures (r. Marton Toth, 2004) singing
Power Games (r. Agnes Krepsz, 2003) singing
Music Box (r. Costa-Gavras, 1989) dancing

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