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Amadeus (band) picture, image, poster
Amadeus (band)

Date of birth : -
Date of death : -
Birthplace : Bucharest, Romania
Nationality : Romanian
Category : Arts and Entertainment
Last modified : 2022-02-28

Amadeus is a Romanian girl-band made of four girls, playing electric instruments and combining pop-dance rhythms with the virtuosity of violins, cello and keyboards.

Members of Amadeus (band):
Andreea (violin)
Alexandra (violin)
Cristina (keyboards)
Patricia (cello)

With a strong will, musical education (musical highschool "George Enescu" and the Music Academy in Bucharest), great enthusiasm and hard work, Amadeus band started the journey together ten years ago.

From the year 2000 and up to present, Amadeus produced five CDs and has, at this moment, a repertoir of over 70 songs, suited for all tastes and adequated to every type of events: from pop-dance music, jazz, latino or reproduced after the Irish, Romanian, country, Russian folclor music, to famous themes from the classical music and clubbing hits remixed live in show and performed in a special way.

When they appeared in the Romanian music industry, they were the first project that had this structure and this way of performing. They have a fresh musical style, filled with naturalness and an energy exotic show, with good music and powerful dinamism. Amadeus had and continue to have an amazing rise, enjoying a lot of media attention and being invited to participate throughout the world at different types of events: from stadium concerts or public market squares, club parties, automobiles launchings, fashion and jewels collections, to sophisticated corporation parties, official cocktails or charitable balls.

The shows made by Amadeus have a wonderful touch of good taste, elegance, sex-appeal, energy and great music.

Music video: Amadeus 'Andaluzia'

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