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Adela Noriega picture, image, poster
Adela Noriega

Date of birth : 1966-10-24
Date of death : -
Birthplace : Mexico City, Mexico
Nationality : Mexican
Category : Arts and Entertainment
Last modified : 2011-08-16

Adela Noriega is a Mexican actress.

Her first role was at the age of 15 in the telenovela Juana Iris. She then was a guest on the show Cachún Cachún Ra Ra. In 1987, she was given her first lead role in Yessenia. That same year, she obtained the lead role in Quinceañera co-starring with singer Thalía. Then in 1989, she returns as Lucero Sandoval in Dulce Desafio next to the handsome Eduardo Yañez. In 1994 she obtained a contract with Telemundo to play the lead role in Guadalupe and was banned from Televisa for signing a contract with a different company. In 1995, she worked in Colombia; starring in Maria Bonita. In 1997 she was allowed to return to Televisa and starred in a remake of María Isabel with Venezuelan Fernando Carrillo. She obtained a TV y Novelas award in 1998 for her role in El privilegio de amar for "best young lead actress". In 2001 she stared in El Manantial for which she earned another Tv y Novelas award, and in 2004 returned as Matilde in the highly acclaimed telenovela Amor Real. Her success has lead her to be known as one of the "Queens" of the genre.


TV y Novelas 1998
* Best Young Lead Actress for El privilegio de amar

* Los amantes del señor de la noche (1986)
* Un sábado más (1985) as Lucía


* La esposa virgen (2005) as Virginia Alfaro
* Amor real (2003) as Matilde Peñalver y Beristain de Fuentes Guerra
* El manantial (2001) as Alfonsina Valdés Rivero
* El privilegio de amar (1998) as Cristina Miranda de Duval
* María Isabel (1997) as María Isabel
* María Bonita (1995) as María Reinoso
* Guadalupe (1994) as Guadalupe
* Dulce desafío (1989) as Lucero Sandoval
* Yesenia (1988) as Yesenia
* Quinceañera (1987) as Maricruz
* Juana Iris (1985) as Romina

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